Tower of Babel

Tower of Babel

// Week 4 of the The Beginning Story Set

Story Summary

Genesis 9:20 — 11:26

The Kingdom of Babylon decides they’d be greater if they stayed together and build a tower for all to see.

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november, 2023

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Transcript of the Story

After the Flood, Noah planted a vineyard. In time he drank some of the wine from his harvest and got drunk. He went to his tent and fell asleep on the floor without any clothes on. His youngest son saw his father lying there, and went and told his brothers what he had seen. His brothers draped a coat between them and walked backwards into the tent, draping the coat over their father. When Noah woke up, he learned what had happened. So he put a curse on the family of his youngest son, and blessed the families of the other two. 

All three sons had large families, with many children and grandchildren. Among all these people was a man named Nimrod. He became the first dictator. He was known for his skill of hunting and his kingdom was called Babylon. The people of Babylon realized that their potential was greater if they stayed together. They felt it best not to go throughout the world like God had said. So they built a tower that went high into the sky—high enough so everyone could see it. They felt this would keep them together. 

God looked at the tower and said, “People are disobeying my command. If they stay together, nothing will be impossible for them. Therefore, I’ll have them speak different languages.” 

Suddenly the people spoke many different languages. They were confused because they couldn’t understand one another. They didn’t know what was happening to them. Immediately, the work on the tower stopped. They formed groups according to their languages and moved to other parts of the world. 

The tower became known as the tower of confusion, or the Tower of Babel.

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