The Flood

The Flood

// Week 3 of the The Beginning Story Set

Story Summary

Genesis 6:1 — 9:17

Noah follows God’s directions to build an ark to house his family and the animals as God floods the earth. Once the water recedes, God makes a new promise and sets a rainbow as a reminder that he would never again destroy the world by flood.

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january, 2023

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Transcript of the Story

Adam and Eve had many children and their children had children and grandchildren, and eventually the earth was filled with people. But God saw that all these people had evil thoughts and actions and he was grieved that he had even made people so God decided to wipe out all mankind except for one man named Noah who did what was right and had a good relationship with God. 

So God told Noah that he was going to destroy all mankind with a flood. And God told Noah to build a huge boat. And he gave him detailed instructions on how to make it. God also told him to gather food for his family and for all the animals that God was going to bring with them. So Noah did everything that God told him to. And once he finished, God told Noah to take his wife, their three sons and their wives along with all the animals and get into the boat. And when they did God closed the door behind them. 

And then it began to rain. And it rained for 40 days and 40 nights. And the whole world was flooded with water. Even the tallest mountains were completely underwater. Every living creature that lived on the dry ground was destroyed. 

Now many months went by, but God did not forget Noah and the ark. The water began to go down until finally God told Noah and his family and the animals to get off of the boat. And when they did, they worshiped and praised God and God was pleased with this. 

And then God told Noah and his family to have many children and fill the earth with people again. And God promised man that he would never again destroy everything with the flood. And he put a rainbow in the sky. So whenever it was cloudy or raining and a rainbow appeared, it would be a reminder of God’s promise.

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