The Beginning

Story Set: The Beginning

The Beginning covers Genesis from the creation of the world through the world shortly after the flood. In this story set, you’ll learn the creation story, Adam and Eve, the Fall, and Noah and the flood.

Creation of the World (Week 1)

In the beginning was God and God created everything … from the light and the skies to man and woman. And he saw that it was all good.

The Fall (Week 2)

Adam and Eve lived in the garden and had a relationship with God. But then one day the snake came to Eve. From that point in history, we’ve been separated from the garden.

The Flood (Week 3)

Noah follows God’s directions to build an ark to house his family and the animals as God floods the earth. Once the water recedes, God makes a new promise and sets a rainbow as a reminder that he would never again destroy the world by flood.

Tower of Babel (Week 4)

The Kingdom of Babylon decide they’d be greater if they stayed together and build a tower for all to see.

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