Lowered Through the Roof

// Week 1 of the Jesus — Galilean Ministry

Story Summary

Mark 2: 1-12; Luke 5:17-39

Jesus heals a paralyzed man after he is lowered by his friends through the roof of the house after the religious leaders question him.

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february, 2024

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Transcript of the Story

Jesus continued to travel around the country, performing many miracles and healing people with various needs and the news about him spread. One day he was teaching in a house that was full of people and there were some religious leaders there as he was teaching. Some men tried to get into the house carrying a paralyzed man on a mat, but they couldn’t get in because the house was too crowded, so they took him to the roof and they made an opening and lowered him down on his mat so that he was right in front of Jesus.

When Jesus saw this, he saw their faith and then he said to the man on the mat, “Friend, your sins are forgiven.”

As soon as he said that, some of the religious leaders started to think, “Who does he think he is? Only God can forgive sin. That’s blasphemy.” Well, Jesus knew what they were thinking and he said, “What’s easier to say? Your sins are forgiven or get up and walk. This is so you’ll know that I have the authority to forgive sins.”

Then Jesus told the man on the mat, “Get up and walk immediately.” The man jumped up, rolled up his mat, and he walked out through the middle of the crowd praising God, and the people began praising God too, and everyone there was amazed.

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