Promise To Abraham

Promise to Abraham

// Week 2 of the Abraham Story Set

Story Summary

Genesis 18:1 – 15 and Genesis 21:1 – 7

God visits Abraham and promises him and Sarah that by this time next year they will have a son.

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june, 2024

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Transcript of the Story

Many years had gone by and God had blessed Abraham and he’d become very wealthy. He had thousands of livestock and hundreds of servants, but Abraham and his wife Sarah still didn’t have any children.

Abraham had pitched his tent near a tree and one day God and two of his angels came to him in the form of three men. When he saw them, he ran and kneeled before them, and said, “Please stay, sit under this tree. I’ll give you some water so you can wash your feet. Then you can rest while I prepare a meal.
And they said, “Yes, we’ll stay.”

So Abraham ran to the tent and he told Sarah to make some bread, and then he ran to the field and got the best calf and told his servant to prepare the meal.
When the meal was ready, Abraham brought the roasted meat, the bread, and some milk and served his guests under the tree.
And God said to Abraham, “Where’s your wife – Sarah?” And Abraham said, “She’s in the tent.” And God said, “About this time next year I’ll come back and Sarah will have a son.”

While Sarah was listening from inside the tent and when she heard that, she laughed to herself and said, “That’s impossible. I’m too old to give birth to a child.”
Then God said to Abraham, “Why did Sarah laugh? Is this too difficult for me? Next year I’ll return and she will have a son.”
Sarah was afraid and she said, “I didn’t laugh”. But God said, “You did laugh.”

Well, God kept his promise and Sarah became pregnant and had a son they named Isaac, which means laughter, and she laughed for joy and said, “Everyone who hears our story will laugh and rejoice with us.” Now, Sarah was 90 years old and Abraham was 100 when they had their son.

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